Seaweed Powder

Giant kelp belong to the genus of giant algae in the order of Phaeophyta. Its individual is more than 100 meters long, so it is called giant algae. Kelp is rich in algal polysaccharide, iodine and sodium alginate. And rich in Fe, Mg, CA, K, Na, s, P, Mn and other minerals.
Moreover, it has been widely used and recognized in the fields of medicine, feed and cosmetics. In recent years, seaweed powder as a skin care additive has made gratifying progress in the research of pet nutrition. I believe that with the development of science and technology, seaweed powder will benefit more and more people


Crude protein


Crude fiber






Amino acid




Natural seaweed powder is widely used in feed. It contains indoleacetic acid, phytokine, seaweed phenol and other organic substances. It can be used as fertilizer to resist drought, salt and alkali penetration, cold, sterilization and promote growth. Making seaweed powder into fertilizer can not only reduce cost and improve economic benefits, but also remove pesticide residues and cause harm to human body.

Adding seaweed powder to the feed can improve the meat quality, increase the yield, and improve the survival rate, which is mainly because of the unique flavor of seaweed, and rich in amino acids and proteins.

Adding in aquatic feed and livestock feed can improve the nutritional structure of feed, improve feed utilization, regulate the metabolism of cultured animals, improve immunity and disease resistance, and promote growth. It has special value that other high protein feed can not compare.


Application Directions
1. Aquaculture and feed addition of abalone, sea cucumber, shrimp, etc
2. Animal husbandry(Chicken, duck, cattle  feed)
3. pet animal feed.( Cats and dogs)
4. Fertilizer industry(Seaweed fertilizer, microbial medium)

1. Specifications: 40mesh,80mesh,200mesh
2. Packing:20KG/BAGS or ton bag packaging
3. Shelf life:24months.
4. Preservation method:  Place in a dark and dry area.